“Several years ago, I had a severe eye infection. I was losing the vision in my right eye, and I was on five antibiotics. Both Doctors Herb and brother David were so concerned with my recovery that one of them even came to the office on a holiday to exam my eye; Because they are twins, I forgot which one, but I never forgot their service…long story short, my eyesight was restored. I would never change Eye Doctors. I will always be grateful to them.”

-Patty Sarkoi

“Great visit as usual. Always friendly and professional service. Highly recommend Greenman Eye Associates.”


-Glenda Painter

“Saw Dr. Herb and never expected my visit to be what it was. He took his time to make sure that I understood what he was doing and why. My visit was great, I look forward to a successful relationship with Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Tosha Robinson

“Punctual and thoughtful care.”

-Sharon Hunt

“Staff in this facility are so friendly, supportive, and courteous!”

-Paul Thalang

“All the staff was friendly, kind, and didn’t make me feel like I was just being shuffled around. I was welcomed to the practice. Dr. Herb Greenman was thorough and kind.”


-Barbara Baugh


-Robert Williams

“Everyone was so friendly. I was very nervous about my surgery. They explained Everything in detail. Looking forward to my next surgery. You guys are Awesome! Have been recommending you to Everyone!!”

-Soraida Rodriguez

“I feel that Greenman Eye Associates is one of the best in Charlotte. I have lived here for over 50 years and during that time I have used several other ophthalmologists; some were top notch but have since retired, others not so much.
You can tell a lot about a person about how he treats other people while you are having eye surgery.”

-Alan Privette

“Honest practice you can trust”

-Gai Chong

“I have been visiting Greenman Eye Associates for 30 years. It has been a good experience.
They have taken care of my eyes and surgeries in a professional manner.”


-George Fisher

“Dr. Dave and his staff are very courteous and thorough.  A great doctor to have on your side.”

-Claude Hicks

“In the 1990s I was serving as a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer. Many of my colleagues were getting PRK surgery. I started wearing prescription glasses in the 6th grade; As a police officer it was not very convenient. So, I met with Dr. Greenman and, needless to say, I was a candidate for the surgery. I had the procedure done on both eyes on the same day. As time moved forward and I am now in my 50s, I still have great distant vision. I only need reading glasses. I happily tell you I retired last January after 30 years with the police department. That surgery served me all those years and is serving me into retirement. Congrats to Dr. Greenman on such a successful career and for making such a positive impact on the quality of my life.”

-Dawn Martin

“Dr. Herb answered all my questions and was very personable. Terra was her usual helpful & kind self. I highly recommend the practice!”

-Ed Finman

“Great office experience! Receptionists are courteous and professional. Very knowledgeable support staff and Dr. Herb is personable, professional and one of the best in Charlotte.”

-Vivian Dorsey

“Outstanding Care.”

-D.B. Williams

“I worked in healthcare for many years. I’ve learned that your first encounter at the front desk will determine how the appointment will go. The front desk sets the tone of your visit.

Your front desk people are very professional, in-sync with one another so the flow I felt in your office was uniform, a team. Good vibes.”

PS: very helpful indeed, Thank you.


-Ms. Margaret Perry

“I was concerned about an eye issue that suddenly presented. I was able to get an appointment immediately. I was impressed with the thorough exam and explanation. The staff was friendly and helpful. I was pleased with the services.”

-Laura Viola

“Efficient and professional.”

-Ed Davidge

“I came to Greeman Eye Associates after cataract surgery for a second opinion and was very pleased with the service provided. Sorry I didn’t know about Greenman first.”

-Mary Green

“Prompt, efficient check in. Called back in a timely manner. Professionalism of Dr. David Greenman. Appreciate your expertise/respect of your patients.”

-Elizabeth McInnis

“Excellent Doctor, we come from Greenville SC to see him, I have had cataract surgery in one eye so far. I am allergic to dilation and other meds, so I needed someone who could help me. Very caring and professional, and a busy practice. Coming back for the other eye in two weeks. Highly recommend!”

-Debbi Samenfeld

“Dr. Greenman is an exceptional ophthalmologist. He took the time to allay my concerns, patiently answering all of my questions. Skilled and caring office staff, in particular Toni.”

-Diane Martin

“Dr. Herb Greenman has been my doctor for two years. I lost my sight and now I’m regaining it back thanks to Dr. Herb. I was hit by a tanker truck while walking and was not likely to recover my sight. Dr. Herb is awesome!”

-Robert Grahl

“Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly, helpful and professional!”

-Ceal Richardson

“Highly professional, excellent medical doctors but friendly!”

-Karen Jacob

“Dr. David Greenman and his staff are excellent. I had a wonderful visit. The staff was kind and courteous and Dr. David Greenman is an excellent Ophthalmologist. He is very thorough in his exam and I feel very confident having him as my doctor.”

-Cassandra Gill

“They are very kind and thorough. You never wait long to be called for your examination!!!!!

I highly recommend Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Sylvia Mack

“Just a very professional and friendly team. Thank you for what you all do.”

-Walter Parker

“I was sent to Greenman Eye Associates many years ago with an eye infection my optometrist did not feel he was qualified to treat. They got me in right away. I have gone to them ever since. They did my cataract surgeries as well as my husband’s. They dealt with my granddaughter sticking her finger in my eye scratching my cornea. They do an excellent job. I see Dr. Herb and my husband sees Dr. David. It is hard to know which you are seeing but David specializes in retinas and Herb in corneas. Their father, Dr. Max, started the practice and was an early practitioner working with lens implants for cataracts. Staff are great as well.”

-Mary Kyle

“This was my very first visit to your office. I came in because my long distance vision was getting blurry. Dr. David and his Nurse were wonderful. The receptionist was very nice. It was a wonderful experience. Dr. David is very friendly, personable and thorough. I would recommend anyone to this office. They turned a nervous and unpleasant situation into a very easy and positive one. God bless you guys!!!”

-Sonia Stewart

“Great office, everyone was great and explained everything to my satisfaction.”

-Jan Johnson

“I love the personal attention I get from everyone at Greenman Eye Associates, from the moment you walk through the door. I have been a patient of Greenman Eye Associates for 12 years and they have been consistent in the care and attention they provide.”

-Diana Palecek

“My family and I receive top-notch service with a smile. Everyone was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Greenman Eye Associates has a very clean and inviting atmosphere.”

-Brenda Moore

“I recently needed an appt. with David Greenman regarding complications from eye reconstruction surgery with another Physician. He made an immediate appt. for me and did a thorough and time consuming examination. He sent findings back to my surgeon which proved very helpful. He took a great deal of time from a busy schedule to lower my anxiety and offer constructive suggestions to address some of my specific concerns. Dr. David has been my eye specialist for many years and his Dad was my doctor before David. I have the utmost regard and respect for the Greenman Eye Associates and would recommend them to all who may be looking for ultra competent, humanistic medical providers who maintain the highest level of professionalism on a consistent basis. The support staff mirrors all positive aspects of the team of physicians.”

-Andrew Strand

“Very friendly and professional. Very pleased with my cataract surgery resulting in 20/20 vision.”

-Cindy Huseth

“I have been to Greenman Eye Associates twice; once for myself and now with my 10 year old daughter. This has been her second time here and she absolutely did great with Dr David. I had another wonderful experience with Dr. David who is just as good as his father, Dr. Max. Great customer/patient service from the time I enter until the time I leave. Every time I’ve seen one of the doctors at Greenman Eye Associates, I have nothing but great words. If I could rate them a millions stars, I would. Receptionists have always been nice, welcoming, and respectful from the time I walk in and even when I leave and that gives me a great feeling because I know they care. I am diabetic and Dr. David even did all the tests to make sure a nerve in my left eye was not glaucoma. He came in and introduced himself, was very nice, professional, and just a great wonderful eye doctor. He explained everything he was doing. He was very gentle and I am in high spirits in hopes that with my diabetes I have a plan and goal and I will continue to come to this practice for my eye exams. I thank you to all the staff at Greenman eye Associates for a great experience and I will be back in six months like Dr. David Greenman requested to get my eyes checked. Thanks.”

-Jenny Cayetano

“Very professional, courteous, knowledgeable.”

-Ken Duffell

“They will always give you their best. Very nice people. Would refer others.”

-Michael Edwards

“Fast, professional, and very efficient. Staff and doctors always treat you with care.”

-Nathaniel Sewell

“Professional and helpful! Love working with everyone on the staff.”

-Matthew Davenport

“Friendly, attentive, professional from the check in to the check out. An absolute pleasure to know that they are taking care of my vision.”

-David Compton

“Very friendly staff and Doctors. Second visit and glad the Doctor caught what may be a serious problem. Thank you all!”

-David Shanahan

“The office of Greenman Eye Associates is amazing. The front desk staff are very welcoming. The staff puts you at ease right away and Dr David is the best. As much as I hate eye injections, Dr David makes sure to make it as easy as possible.”

-Mary Young

“Entire experience was flawless. Took me in right away, conducted the tests, gave me a good report and was out in less than an hour.”

-Karl Albertson

“I’m a lupus patient and I have to get my eyes checked because of a drug I’m taking (Hydroxychloroquine). My health insurance changed so I could no longer see my regular ophthalmologist. I realized that Greenman Eye Associates was in my new network. I called and made an appointment because I remembered their commercials. To make a long story even longer…LOL…Dr. Herb Greenman noticed that my optic nerves were swollen. I was referred to a neurologist & then to a neuro-radiologist. Because of Dr. Herb’s care and concern I was lined up with other Doctors which led me to an upcoming procedure that will prevent me from losing my eyesight; But I can’t just stop there. Dr. Herb called recently to check in on me. Sad to say but, some doctors have a bad bedside manner. They can make you feel like a number in a line of patients. Dr Herb is far from that kind of healthcare professional! I am grateful for Dr. Herb’s attention, excellent service, his medical expertise, and his pleasant personality!”

-Michelle LaSure

“Great customer service and trusted care.”

-Courtney Tesch

“I have been going to Greenman Eye for several years and have always had a very good experience. Their expertise, their friendliness, their staff, which hasn’t changed since I’ve been going, says something about how this Medical practice is conducted. It is a bit of a drive but worth it since my eyes need expert care.”

-Virginia Keutmann

“My husband goes to Greenman Eye Associates. He is very pleased with his care from David Greenman. Dr. Dave is very caring and knowledgeable of all my husband’s eye issues.”

-Ruth Smith

“I have been going to Greenman Eye Associates for a long time and it’s always been a wonderful experience. The best experience ever!”

-Shelton Robinson

“It is always a pleasant experience because the atmosphere is filled with happiness. It is not unusual to hear a burst of laughter!

-Randal Kempka

“My wife and I have been patients of Greenman Eye Associates since 2011. I highly compliment both Dr. Herb Greenman and Dr. David Greenman along with their entire staff! I had eye related surgery by both Dr. Herb and Dr. Dave, and I trust them both completely! Not only are they knowledgeable and expert surgeons but they truly care about me as a patient and as a person. They have greatly improved my quality of life. They answer all my questions and I never feel rushed.

Again, I sincerely trust them with my precious eyes! I also highly praise all of the staff of Greenman Eye Associates, especially Terra and Alicia who are at the front desk in addition to Catherine. They are always so very pleasant and helpful! I sincerely and highly recommend Greenman Eye Associates!”

-James Witulski

“Very thorough. Friendly staff. Dr. David was the best. I would recommend anyone needing an eye doctor to visit Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Leslie Connors

“Courteous, kind, professional and caring are the words I would use to describe my experience at Greenman Eye Associates. The staff greet you as though they are genuinely happy you are there. Recently, I was serviced by Dr. David, and he made every effort to answer any and all questions I had. He took his time in my examination; no rushing to get to another patient. It was a really good experience.”

-Rosilynn Noble

“My mom and I have been coming here since we moved to Charlotte. Always a wonderful experience; caring staff, and clean professional environment.

We went recently and all the new changes to keep people safe are in order. I literally saw them clean every seat and space after every client. They made us feel very welcome. Toni is a new staff member and I absolutely loved connecting with her as I have others in the past.

If you are looking for a personal family friendly location to get eye work, I recommend Greenman Eye Associates. They even removed both of my mom’s cataracts, accommodated room for her wheelchair and made her feel comfortable in our recent visit. Great Service!”

-Luvleeh Poetilocks

“I have been a patient for 25 years and have always received top notch service, care and advice.”

-Bishop Cheen

“Greenman Eye Associates are the best. They took very good care of me. I had cataract surgery and no more glasses. My vision is 20/20 now, thanks to them.”

-Robert Gregg

Some things are worth repeating. Thank you!

“Thank you for your patience with me during my mother’s illness and being so positive regarding my rescheduling of appointment dates three times. I do appreciate how you assisted me during these times of illness.

Thank you! Thank you!”

-Bertha Owens
Mullis brothers

“Through the TV I saw Greenman Eye Associates. We weren’t happy with our doctor in Concord, so we decided to try Greenman Eye Associates. From the first visit we noticed that Herb and Dave were twins and that was a sign we were in the right place.

They have three of the best doctors Herb, Dave and Max to take care of any problem and a wonderful staff that greets you with a smile. Greenman Eye Associates has been a blessing. It’s our place to go. This is family and we enjoy coming here.”

-Carrol and Harold Mullis

Professional, courteous staff. Always a pleasure to work with!

-Avery Stephens

Dr. Herb Greenman; first I’ll say “what a pleasant & pleasing personality he has!” He truly made my cataract surgery amicable and easygoing. Each & every office visit for postoperative follow ups was very proficient and he answered every questions I had, even the simplest ones! Dr. Herb Greenman (in my new eyes) is my “HERO” who made such an improvement in my “quality of Life!” God bless him and I truly thank him.

-Artis Harrison
Heidi Wilton

“I had a retinal detachment and Thanks to Dr. Dave’s devotion and expertise, I now have 20/20 vision. I am convinced he saved my eye sight. I highly recommended Greenman Eye Associates because they are knowledgeable, compassionate and caring.
I feel secure knowing they will take care of my eyes if any future problems arise because I trust them wholeheartedly.”

-Heidi Wilton
Michael Hildreth

“My uncle had eye surgery with Dr. Max in the early 1980’s, so I knew of the great care provided by Greenman Eye Associates. While traveling on business in 2014 I had a hemorrhage in my left eye that severely limited my vision.

Dr. Dave performed a series of laser procedures and a victrectomy surgery which eliminated the bleeding and stabilized my eye. In fact, thanks to Dr. Dave, I am still traveling today as a courier driver.”

-Michael Hildreth
Stephen Coen

“I have diabetes and Dr. David closely monitors me for diabetic retinopathy. He carefully explains all procedures and techniques to me and uses the latest treatments for my underlying condition.

What I really like about Dr. Dave is he takes an interest in my personal life and wellbeing. He also acknowledges my input and questions, not like larger practices where I was rushed in and out.

I am thankful to have found Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Stephen Coen
Blackwell family

“I’ve been coming to see Dr. Greenman for 40 years. I came in initially because I had an eye problem at work. I called them, I came right in and because of Dr. Greenman’s surgery, I can see today. I am eternally grateful. Because of Dr. Greenman’s genuine personality, I brought my children in also and we’ve been coming for three generations now.”

-Mildred P. Blackwell
Darlene Jones

“Dr. Herb did surgery to eliminate cataracts and suggested that I have permanent lenses implanted to decrease my reliance on eyeglasses. I am thrilled with the results. Greenman Eye Associates is the best and I trust all three Doctors”

After over 25 years of wearing glasses, I was thrilled when Dr. Herb suggested permanent lenses after custom cataract surgery. Now I am in love with the freedom I have with no glasses. In fact I have three pairs of sunglasses made from my former glasses.

-Darlene Jones
Judy Caldwell

“Early in 2017, I had custom cataract surgery with Dr. Herb Greenman. This was a life changing miracle for me. I went from wearing the thick, heavy glasses I had worn all my life to seeing 20/20 with no glasses. My theme song is ‘I Can See Clearly Now’

“Many, many THANKS to Dr. Herb—I cannot say enough about his professionalism, his care for his patients, and patience in answering questions. Three things I remember most are the care I received, the diligence in finding just the right procedure, and just a true feeling of being an individual with my specific issues—no cookie cutter fix!”

-Judy Caldwell

“My husband Phillip and I were about to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Israel and he did not want to deal with his contact lenses. Since Phil was planning on having cataract surgery, Dr. Herb suggested a customized treatment plan for Phil using monovision Toric lens implants.

The outcome was a success; no more contact lenses. Thanks Dr. Herb for making our trip to Israel wonderful!”

-Dianne and Phil Nordan

“Dr. Herb, Thank you for the care and concern you and your staff showed during my cataract surgery. I can see so much clearer at night and I feel so much safer driving. Again, thank you for being my doctor and taking care of me. Thank your staff for being so friendly and professional.”

-Dianne Helms
3 family members sitting together

“The staff at Greenman Eye Associates is very nice. You just feel you’ve come to visit with friends, but you know you’re going to get the best care.”

– Hettie Wright

“Whenever I come to Greenman Eye Associates, it’s like coming to see a family. Everybody is so friendly and it’s always a wonderful experience.”

-Audrey Wright

“My experience with Greenman Eye Associates has been amazing. They were referred by a Trusted colleague. The level of care and expertise delivered by all the Greenman doctors has exceeded all my expectations. In addition, the entire staff sets the standard for quality customer service. I will be a customer for life!”

-P. Payne

“Coming to Greenman Eye Associates has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. When we come, we never have to wait. We are always whisked away to a private, spacious room in the back and we’re given the best care.”

-Jordan Garrick
3 family members

“Dr. Max Greenman was a personal friend of my husband’s so we both came to his practice. When my daughter Gretchen had trouble seeing in school I brought her to see Dr. Greenman and she brought her children. Now we have three generations at Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Adele Gordon

Dr. Herb Greenman,

“It’s easy to be grateful when there are wonderful people like you in the world.I want to thank you and your staff so very much for giving me back my youthful vision!

Your office staff are all so kind. Most of all, I appreciate not having to wear glasses.

Thank you for my better vision.”

-Kathy Meacham

“I feel so very blessed that I found out about Greenman eye Associates from my friend Charlotte Johnson. I accompanied Charlotte to Greenman Eye and discovered a wonderful caring ophthalmology practice. I have been going there for the past 5 years .

Herb Greenman performed cataract surgery on my eyes. What a wonderful experience. Everyone one in the office is so nice from the front office to the staff.

Charlotte and I have been friends for years and she raves about her experience at Greenman Eye Associates. I feel so lucky to have found such caring doctors”

-Kristen Holliday