“Everyone was great!”

-Katie Stewart

“They’re very efficient with what they do and I appreciate that.”

-Jesse Williamson

“Dr. Herb and staff always provide excellent service and trusted medical advice.”

-Becky Helms

“Excellent service. Thank you.”

-Ida Watson

“Six-month checkup went smoothly. Very thorough and always friendly.”

-Ruth S.

“The Greenman family are absolutely fantastic eye Dr’s, and even better people. Dr. David Greenman dropped everything, and I had emergency surgery for a detached retina, on Sunday night. I have a great family friend who is an optometrist and said that his work was masterful! Highest recommendation from me! Blessings to all!”

-Michael Telfer

“Great Dr’s office kind and friendly staff.”

-Susan Colon

“Greenman Eye Associates is a very friendly and professional service. This is an example of how medical service is supposed to be.”

-Dewi Lubis

“Very attentive, polite, knowledgeable, and capable personnel … including front office, technicians, and physicians.
Very nice state of the art office facility with state-of-the-art instrumentation.
Office keeps up with appointments so there is little waiting and yet the patient is not rushed.
Extremely good experience for excellent ophthalmologic care by ophthalmologists with impressive subspecialty training.”

-Jim Shearer

Dear Dr. Herb
I wanted to thank you again for the surgery you performed on my eyes a few months ago—it has been like a miracle to see without the double vision. I can even drive confidently now! My everlasting thanks for your expertise!

-Sheri McAuliffe

“This is a great team of physicians and staff. All exams are very thorough. I felt the doctor took time to evaluate my concerns and took a genuine interest in my overall wellbeing.”


“My opinion is Greenman Eye Associates is the finest group of Doctors available for eye care. Excellent care, concern, and treatment for the patients. Takes time to actually answer any questions. Thank you, Greenman Eye Associates. Excellent!”


“My appointments are always positive and pleasant at Greenman Eye.”

-Thomas Roseboro

“Dr. Herb is Very Knowledgeable, Professional, and Friendly.”

-Santana Raklavic

“Another great experience at Greenman Eye Associates. Entire team was very thorough and polite. My appointment was completed on time.”

-Michael Taylor

“I love these wonderful people. I was amazed how much I was missing before.”

-Bob Brandon

“Good folks, always friendly, more importantly they know what they are doing.”

-James Johnson

“Always a great experience. The entire staff is friendly and caring.”

-Shirley Cato

“Dr. Herb is awesome! A little over a year ago I had surgery to remove a pituitary tumor the size of a golf ball. I thank GOD that Dr. Herb completed his tests and then referred me for an MRI when he wasn’t satisfied. Dr. Herb saved my sight and possibly my life.”

-Ronald Dixon

“Everyone at Greenman Eye are dedicated to you having the best experience. They are friendly and extremely helpful.”

-Veronica Zayatz

“After seeing several different eye doctors after moving to Charlotte, I am glad I tried Greenman Eye Associates. Drs. David and Herb are great at what they do, keeping what’s best for the patient in mind.

I got glasses in March and later decided to see Dr. Herb for an elective lens exchange consult. Dr. Herb was meticulous with making sure the measurements were precise. We also spoke extensively about the lens options and which would fit my lifestyle the best.

The surgeries were scheduled about a month apart and were fairly quick procedures. During my follow up the morning after each surgery, I had 20/20 vision! Incredible! I had worn glasses my entire life and my vision was extremely poor. The fact I was able to see perfectly a day after surgery was amazing.

I highly recommend visiting Greenman Eye Associates for your vision needs. Patients are treated well there by the entire staff. They are not trying to shove anything down your throat and there aren’t any hard upsells. Their patient focused approach was refreshing and different than the other ophthalmologists offices I had tried out in the Charlotte area. I won’t go anywhere else now that I’ve found the Greenmans.”

-Super Glide

“My eye exam was very efficient and all my questions were answered thoughtfully. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone looking for a new provider.”

-Jeff Lucia

“Dr Herb always takes his time and explains everything. I have been going to him for about 11yrs.”

-Gail Reynolds Chambers

“My wife and I have been going to Greenman Eye Associates for 20 years. Every time we have been in the office it is always nice. The atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant. Everything is clean with plenty of seating. The staff treat you so well. We have been seen by all the doctors over time. They take time to talk to you and answer questions. You leave feeling confident you have been well taken care of.”

-Michael Aumiller

“Excellent experience beginning with the front desk staff, welcoming and friendly, professional in handling paperwork, insurance information also kind and efficient with checkout. Medical staff knowledgeable about procedures, informed me of test, dilation of eyes, pressure check. Dr. David was professional and informed me of the test results, needed follow up and subsequent visits needed while doing chemotherapy.”

-Kathy Driver

“Great customer service, doctors have a great staff, especially surgery processes, no pain, very nice recovery time.”

-Jaun Gonzales

“Dr. Herb and Dr. Dave are superb doctors.  I saw Dr. Dave for an exam and glasses earlier this year. My vision is very bad and I had been contemplating surgery. I knew LASIK wasn’t an option because of my prescription and corneas. I got some pamphlets from Dr. Herb to take home. A few months later I decided to see Dr. Herb to discuss my options. We talked about my lifestyle and what was important to me. Because my case was more complex than most, he had me in for several measurements to ensure accuracy. Dr. Herb was meticulous and explained the pros and cons of the lenses he could put in my eye. We agreed on the Symfony lens and scheduled my clear lens exchange surgery for my dominant eye first. The day after my first surgery, my distance vision was 20/20! My prescription had been -9.50 with an astigmatism. The same was true of my right eye after having surgery on that one a month later. Dr. Herb checked each eye several times to ensure the lens was perfectly centered and that I was healing well. I strongly recommend seeing Greenman Eye Associates for any of your vision needs. I was treated well by the staff and the doctors. After seeing a few different eye doctors after moving to North Carolina, I have found the right people. No hard upsells, just great care centered around the patient. I won’t go anywhere else!”


-Super G.

“Everyone from check in staff to the technicians and the provider was extremely professional and pleasant during my visit. Issues were explained to me in language I could understand, and I left feeling great about my visit.”

-Vanessa Stevenson

“Great experience. Staff was friendly and the doctor answered all my questions with great patience and care. Unlike most of the practices eaten up by the big hospital systems this practice seems to still value spending time with their patients and it shows.”

-Shannan Murphy

“Always more than helpful with any questions I have. Excellent doctors!”


“The staff are welcoming and friendly, and Dr. Herb Greenman is terrific. I’m a pilot and he has performed cataract surgery that has given me 20/20 vision. I now fly without glasses.”

-Steve Hope

“Everyone is so nice.. they remember your name… it’s like visiting family… Dr. David is just the best… so patient…I never feel rushed…. He answers my questions with such ease but confident…making sure I understand.”

-Diane Kasanganay

“Very professional atmosphere.”

-Kathy Heath

“Staff was Prompt, professional. Dr David Greenman’s expertise unequaled.”

-Carol Melvin

“Staff was helpful and nice. Dr. David is a great doctor.”

-Laurie Will

“Very kind office staff. Good doctors. Very thorough and professional.”

-Mary Bonner

“Such personable service from the minute I walked in! Dr. Herb is absolutely wonderful and KNOWS that eyeball!!! He knew immediately the issue I was describing regarding my eye. Thanks Dr. Herb!”

-Lola Barrientos

“Excellent and kind as always.”


“Had a problem with pain in Left eye. Called for a checkup and got in the next day. Was able to determine the cause and determine solution to resolve issue. Dr. Dave was very thorough and informative about the issue.”

-Richard Heckle

“Dr David did a great job getting the rust out of my eye. I will surely wear goggles next time I am cleaning rusty metal.
Thank you very much.”

-Shane Boswell

“I was greeted professionally and courteously upon arrival, and promptly called back. The nurse was wonderful in getting my information. Dr. Dave answered all of my questions and put me at ease.”

-Barbara Gaddy

“Everyone is very professional and friendly, they take their time with everyone in doing the examinations, I really like that.”

-Gabriela Palma

“Excellent service. On time throughout. Everyone had smiles and very happy to help”

-Ed McMahan

“Always friendly and on time…clean and sanitized.”

-Lorainne Sanders

“The Greenman family are the nicest Doctors I’ve ever had. I always look forward to seeing them and their staff.❤️👋❤️”

-Johnnie Boyd

“Efficient visit; Employees seem happy.”

-Barbara Conard

“Very Professional, Knowledgeable, and Courteous.”

-David Gilliam

“Dr. Greenman and his staff are awesome!!”

-Rhonda Sandefur

“I’m so happy to have found Greenman Eye Associates! Excellent care from Doctor Greenman. He explained everything and was so patient with me.”

-Irene Lantry

“The staff was very friendly. I didn’t have to wait long before seeing the doctor. Dr. Greenman is friendly and has a warm personality.”

-Wanda Dorsey

“Great experience. Very courteous and demonstrated willingness to assist me check in to check out. Greenman demonstrates excellence in working with their patients. 5 star all the way. Highly
recommended for excellence in eye care.”

-Bobby Faulkenberry

“My husband is handicapped and the patience and help he received from the staff to have the various scans performed was commendable. Above and beyond the norm. We’re impressed and so thankful.”

-Marnie Ferrer

“Dr. David Greenman and staff were AWESOME! Very friendly and thorough. The office AC was a bit cold, but nice experience. 😊”

-Kimberly McKellar

“The staff is very courteous; They are sweet and nice.  The doctors are quick and fast and pay more attention to you when you tell them about the problems in your eyes. They thoroughly check everything. If you have not been to Greenman Eye Associates, please the experience is very high.”

-Louise Goines

“I am always greeted pleasantly. Dr. Herb is fantastic. I would recommend to everyone.”

-Ann Price

“I truly love Greenman Eye. Everyone is very professional and pleasant to interact with. I’m so glad I have Dr David to take care of my eye needs. Thank you all so much!”

-Carol Morris

“A very comprehensive visit for eye and vision check, I will definitely make Dr David my eye doctor from now on. He really knows his profession.”

-Nancy Eckmeder

“Always a pleasure to see the staff and doctors at Greenman Eye Associates. There is usually very little wait time. The care and attention to any vision issues by both Drs. David and Herb is excellent for both routine exams and surgery.”

-Sharon Lochaby

“They have great office dynamics. Very cheery office.  The staff is very helpful and friendly. “

-Susan Molina


“I always have a good experience at Greenman Eye Associates. The doctors are very thorough and down-to-earth.”


“Dr Herb told me everything possible about my eyes. He was very professional and a wonderful, knowledgeable eye doctor. Thank God for him. “👀👀👀👀

-Joan Cummings

“Kind, courteous and professional.”

-Clarissa P.

“Very clean and everyone was so nice and attentive. I especially enjoyed the part of my exam with a young lady who was Job ready, focused and knowledgeable. She made sure to clean/sanitize the equipment before she got started with my exam. She’s empathetic even, she was the BEST part of my visit. Excellent customer service and healthcare skills.”

-Ursula Cotton

“Great staff!”

-Rod Bauguss

“The entire staff at Greeman Eye Associates are wonderful. They are each courteous and professional. A few are even funny, which can ease any stress one might have while visiting the facility. I have had the pleasure of being treated by both Drs. David and Herb Greeman and they are kind, caring and knowledgeable.
I would urge anyone considering where to go for eye care to go to Greenman Eye Associates because in my experience and opinion, this is the best place to invest your trust and money. Once you go, you’ll always go to Greenman.”

-Lynn McGrath

“Had CLR surgery a few years ago and my left eye became foggy. I was able to get in quickly and have the issue corrected. Great Doctor, Herb, and Staff!”

-Larry Gray

“Very pleased with my experience at Greenman Eye Associates. They take their time with each patient and their goal is to help each patient 100%. Wonderful group of doctors and staff.”

-J Taylor

“Cleanliness, professionalism, knowledgeable staff! My grandmother was seen by Dr. Max Greenman and now my whole family sees either of his sons. Yesterday Dr. David Greenman was very knowledgeable and helpful. I know Dr. Max Greenman is proud of his sons.”

-Darlene Mitzel

“Doctors are great & Staff! Having a team is what makes great care for patients.”

-Debra Sirt

“Been going to Greenman Eye Associates for years now. They are all very knowledgeable, caring, and personable. I highly recommend trusting them for your eye health!!

-Marianne Maione

“Great service, excellent professionals.”

-Rocio Sibrian

“The service is very prompt. The staff knows what they are doing. They are fun to talk to. The doctor made me feel confident and hopeful. Thank you.”

-Melvin Torres


“Good MDs, nurses and staff. Small office feel, which was nice. Good location. A lot of tech, good procedures. Appointment did take longer than I thought it would after I got lost in the shuffle for some time. They recognized it, owned it and apologized.”

-B Taylor

“I’ve been going to Dr. Max Greenman since early 1980’s and now to his sons David and Herb at Greenman Eye Associates. They are top notch and specialize in macular degeneration, which is important to me. Highly recommend.”

-Karen Novick

“Very professional and friendly.”

-Muirhead Bernal