“My husband Phillip and I were about to go on a once in a lifetime trip to Israel and he did not want to deal with his contact lenses. Since Phil was planning on having cataract surgery, Dr. Herb suggested a customized treatment plan for Phil using monovision Toric lens implants.

The outcome was a success; no more contact lenses. Thanks Dr. Herb for making our trip to Israel wonderful!”

-Dianne and Phil Nordan

“Dr. Herb, Thank you for the care and concern you and your staff showed during my cataract surgery. I can see so much clearer at night and I feel so much safer driving. Again, thank you for being my doctor and taking care of me. Thank your staff for being so friendly and professional.”

-Dianne Helms
3 family members sitting together

“The staff at Greenman Eye Associates is very nice. You just feel you’ve come to visit with friends, but you know you’re going to get the best care.”

– Hettie Wright

“Whenever I come to Greenman Eye Associates, it’s like coming to see a family. Everybody is so friendly and it’s always a wonderful experience.”

-Audrey Wright

“My experience with Greenman Eye Associates has been amazing. They were referred by a Trusted colleague. The level of care and expertise delivered by all the Greenman doctors has exceeded all my expectations. In addition, the entire staff sets the standard for quality customer service. I will be a customer for life!”

-P. Payne

“Coming to Greenman Eye Associates has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. When we come, we never have to wait. We are always whisked away to a private, spacious room in the back and we’re given the best care.”

-Jordan Garrick
3 family members

“Dr. Max Greenman was a personal friend of my husband’s so we both came to his practice. When my daughter Gretchen had trouble seeing in school I brought her to see Dr. Greenman and she brought her children. Now we have three generations at Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Adele Gordon

Dr. Herb Greenman,

“It’s easy to be grateful when there are wonderful people like you in the world.I want to thank you and your staff so very much for giving me back my youthful vision!

Your office staff are all so kind. Most of all, I appreciate not having to wear glasses.

Thank you for my better vision.”

-Kathy Meacham

“I feel so very blessed that I found out about Greenman eye Associates from my friend Charlotte Johnson. I accompanied Charlotte to Greenman Eye and discovered a wonderful caring ophthalmology practice. I have been going there for the past 5 years .

Herb Greenman performed cataract surgery on my eyes. What a wonderful experience. Everyone one in the office is so nice from the front office to the staff.

Charlotte and I have been friends for years and she raves about her experience at Greenman Eye Associates. I feel so lucky to have found such caring doctors”

-Kristen Holliday

Dear Dr. Herb…

“When I see a pretty sky, a beautiful bird, or my own eyes, I think of you and thank God for helping me find you and for your talent in restoring the sight for so many people!”

-Nancy Biggers

“Post-surgery with Dr. Herb, I can finally enjoy all the vivid colors in my paintings, and in the flowers, trees and sky above. I am so thankful to Dr. Herb.

-Stephen Kropp

“For 40 years I suffered wearing contact lenses; now, no more glasses or contact lenses. I can throw everything away. I am finally free. When I wake up in the morning, I can see. I love going to a family practice. When I call the office, I get to speak to Max or Herb. Max operated on me 30 years ago and now Herb performed the ReSTOR lens surgery. There is something about family continuity and caring for patients that you find only at Greenman Eye Associates.”

-Linda Ventura

“After Lasik surgery with Dr. Herb Greenman, I got rid of my contacts and glasses for good! I will tell you my secret. I use one of the best ophthalmology practices in the area, where the patient is priority #1 and their quality of life through better vision is serious business.”

-Jill Sladjoe

“For many years, Dr. Greenman has always been there for our family’s eye care. His compassionate competence is very reassuring”

-Rolfe Neil

“Greenman Eye Associates is my little secret, too! Dr. Max Greenman has been my ophthalmologist for years. Recently, he opened Greenman Eye Associates with his two sons, Herb and Dave, all professional MD’s with a quality of care unmatched in our area. It’s the best kept secret in town for quality vision care and custom Lasik.”

-Barbara McKay

“If it hadn’t been for Dr. Greenman performing surgery on me at midnight after an accident that caused a piece of my safety glasses to get caught in my eye, I’d be blind today. I highly recommend Dr. Greenman.”

-Dale McLaughlin

“The front office staff at Greenman Eye are the BEST—All doctor’s offices should be so lucky to have such warm, friendly and caring employees.”

-Rozanne Sklar

“Dr.Max Greenman is so knowledgeable and caring. He is the tops; there is no other.”

-Ingeborg and Alex Hegenbart